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    In 2014 I was broken. It's a long story. Many people are or have been broken. 

    During this time of life I choose to take a walk from the office I did this a few times a day for awhile. One a particular day as I walked by this parking lot out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something my mind processed the situation and as I double took I saw a man in the middle of the day scouring the parking lot for cans he had a small grocery bag half full of cans. He hesitated to look in my direction a scene you may have encountered before. I didn't’ think much of it until a nano second later I was prompted me to talk to him. I may seem like an out going kind of guy but I assure you it could take a decade before your first conversation with me. I was out of my comfort zone.  As I met Kevin and we talked he spoke of his activities, and how he slept in a friends backyard. I remembered the mountain of can my coworkers had piled up from their daily energy drink consumptions. I talked Kevin into coming to get the cans. In the end it was a short meeting. But this tiny act of sharing LUV changed my life forever. There had been other acts before and some after but this one changed me. 

    Join the movement. Wear a bracelet share half of it.  The bracelet will remind you to share LUV with others and in the end change the world.